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BAO diffuser with nebulization technology (without water)


The BAO diffuser uses one of the most advanced technologies to distribute your essential oils. Totally water and heat free, your oils retain all of their properties.



Nebulization technology

minilogo.png Diffusion technology:

By nebulization (Without water or heat)

minilogo.png Usage:

Drop a few drops of essential oil then activate the power dial. (manual included)

minilogo.png Designation:

The BAO essential oil diffuser does not heat up and does not use a single drop of water. The nebulization transforms the pure essential oil into micro droplets of microscopic mist. This mist then disperses in the atmosphere for a perfect diffusion

The diffuser is started using a power dial on the side. In addition, new versions include a timer.

Its wooden base is stable and ecological

minilogo.png Features:

- Voltage: 220V with transformer

- Power supply: Wired

- Materials: Glass and wood

- Diffusion method: nebulization

- Broadcast content: pure essential oils

- Maximum room size: Up to around 100 m2

- Tank capacity: -