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"Aurore V2" Ultrasonic Diffuser for essential oils - Efficiency and design


One of the top-sellers in the diffuser range, Aurore V2 is of great performance and of high quality. Made of bamboo and chameleon glass, its ultrasonic technology is one of the most effective currently.



Ultrasound technology

minilogo.png Diffusion technology:

By ultrasound (not audible by humans, or even by dogs, cats and other animals)

minilogo.png Usage:

Fill with water to the line, add essential oils and start the diffuser.

minilogo.png Designation:

The Belisia essential oil diffuser is easy to use, efficient and terribly pretty. Its base is in bamboo and its glass in white chameleon glass.

This diffuser for essential oils diffuses the active molecules when cold, without modifying the oil. This brings the guarantee of a diffusion respecting all the properties provided for your aromatherapy. In addition, the mist regulates the humidity of the air and allows an ionizing effect.

minilogo.png Features:

- Voltage: 220V with transformer

- Power supply: Wired

- Materials: Glass and Bamboo

- Diffusion method: Ultrasound

- Broadcast content: pure essential oils and water

- Maximum room size: Up to around 70 m2

- Tank capacity: -