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copy of Soft heat diffuser Calorya N1 for essential oils


Original and chic creation for an aroma diffuser using soft heat technology for your essential oils. The gentle heat is regulated on a specific temperature to maintain the properties of essential oils despite its warming. A secure way to broadcast 'old fashioned'.



Technology Self-regulated soft heat

minilogo.png Diffusion technology:

Gentle heat 

minilogo.png Use :

Essential oil pure or mixed with a neutral oil / Block of scent to melt

minilogo.png Designation:

The diffuser CALORYA N1 is an electric diffuser of essential oils using a technology called 'soft heat'. This technology uses a heating temperature ideally calculated not to cancel the effects of the active molecules, while using a way of diffusing the old way. 

It's a bit of a meeting between good old methods and ultramodern technology. 

The design of this diffuser is resolutely chic with its volutes engraved in ceramics. 

Is not it beautiful? 

minilogo.png Characteristics :

- Voltage: 220V

- Food: Wired

- Materials: Ceramics

- Diffusion method: Regulated heat

- Content in diffusion: Water + essential oils or Oil + essential oils or block of wax with perfume

- Maximum room size: 20 to 25 m2 approximately

- Height: 15 cm