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Essential oil of cedar atlas Ecocertifiable 10 ml - Cedrus Atlantica


This essential oil is used against cellulite and fat elimination. It is more refreshing and decongestant. It helps the healing process and is often used in meditation sessions.



Quality Eco certifiable


minilogo.pngBotanical name:

Cedrus Atlantica


Pure or diluted in local massage, in cosmetics or in airborne spread.

minilogo.pngMain pathologies concerned:

This essential oil is effective in the following cases:

- Relaxation Need

- Cellulite, water retention

- Excess fat

- Hair loss

- Cough, Cold & Flu

- Skin Diseases

minilogo.pngRelevant properties:

- Regenerative: Aims to repair injury, a tissue, or accelerates the regeneration of the skin.

- Healing: Helps healing

- Lymphotonic: Active circulation in the autonomous lymphatic system

- Draining:: increase fluid removal 

- Lipolytic: Reduce and eliminate fat

- Antifungal: To fight against fungi, also called mycoses

- Decongestant: Reduces and diminishes respiratory congestion (congestion)

- Relaxing: Helps to relax, calm down


minilogo.pngFragrance, scent:

Head note: Woody, sweet

Heart notes: Woody, caramelised

minilogo.pngBiochemistry Main:

  • Beta-himachalène
  • Alpha-himachalène
  • Part of the plantusedWood
  • Country or the plant is grownin Morocco
  • Extraction Process:Distillation complete by stripping with water vapor
  • Precautions to take:

minilogo.pngOther information :

o        Do not use in pregnant women under 3 months

o        Do not use on children under 6 years

minilogo.pngA recipe for synergy? :

Against the feeling of loneliness, sadness: Apply to the solar plexus or along the spine

  • 2 drops of sandalwood HE the Indies
  • 2 drops of rosewood ET
  • 2 drops of EO Cedar Atlas