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Huile essentielle Ajowan - Trachyspermum Ammi

Essential Oil Ajowan 10 ml - Trachyspermum Ammi


Recommended essential oil as an analgesic (against pain), anti-infectious, anti parasitic and aphrodisiac. It has a powerful tonic effect. To know the pathologies involved, click "more"





minilogo.pngother names used for the same essential oil:

- Indian Thyme essential oil

minilogo.pngBotanical name :

Trachyspermum Ammi

 minilogo.pngaffected properties :

- Analgesic: It relieves pain, including muscle

- Anti-infectious: It fight against viral and microbial infections

- parasites : It fight parasite infestations such as scabies and ringworm

- Aphrodisiac: It restores the tone and boosts libido, especially if mixed with other similar oils.


minilogo.pngpathologies concerned :

This essential oil is effective in the following cases:

- All viral or microbial diseases such as intestinal infections (amoebiasis, roundworm, etc.) Rhinitis, Bronchitis

- Some common parasites such as scabies or ringworm

- Fungal infections, gynecological and nail,

- Pain as articular and muscular rheumatism and pain of effort


minilogo.pngFragrance, perfume :

Head note: Grey and Green
Heart notes: thyme Shades and light spices.


minilogo.pngBiochemistry Main :

  • para-cymène
  • gamma-terpinène
  • thymol 

minilogo.pngOther information :

  • Part of the plant used: Seed
  • Country or the plant is grown: India
  • Extraction Process: Distillation complete by stripping with water vapor
  • Precautions to take :
             No bath or use pure on the skin
             Do not use in pregnant women
             Do not use on children under 6 years