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Diffusers of essential oils

A selection of efficient and stylish essential oil diffusers. Take full advantage of the lowest prices for one of the easiest, most enjoyable ways to use your essential oils. Choose your diffuser with the diffusion technology you prefer, from ultrasound to nebulization, all the best essential oil diffusers are here.

Diffusers of essential oils

Calorya N5 soft heat diffuser for essential oils

The gentle heat is regulated on a specific temperature to maintain the properties of essential oils despite its warming. Original and chic creation for an aroma diffuser using soft heat technology for your essential...

Essential Oil Diffuser VELA - Ultrasonic

The diffuser of essential oils Vela is design, efficient, and economical. With its unique look and latest generation ultrasonic technology, the air diffusion of your essential oils is incredibly simple. Its capacity...