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On sale! Essential oil Eucalyptus Globulus eco-certifiable - Eucalyptus Globulus

Essential oil Eucalyptus Globulus 10 ml eco-certifiable - Eucalyptus Globulus


Very known to the public, eucalyptus globulus essential oil is dedicated to inhalation. It calms the cough and soothes colds, bronchitis and laryngitis colds and adds an antiviral effect. Its sweet fresh scent of mint and gently brought him success in the perfumed SPA.




minilogo.pngBotanical name:

eucalyptus Globulus

minilogo.pngGuide line

Preferably diluted in local massage, pure aerial diffusion, used in cosmetics and creams. It should never be ingested.

minilogo.pngMain pathologies concerned:

This essential oil is effective in the following cases:

- Bronchitis and Asthma

- Influenza, nasopharyngitis, laryngitis

- Dermatitis caused by bacteria

- Mild respiratory Gene

- Lack of self-confidence

- In home fragrance


minilogo.pngProperties provided:

- Expectorant: Helps the expulsion of mucus from the trachea or bronchi by expectoration or cough

- Anti bacterial: Eliminates bacteria

- Anti Microbial: Eliminates germs

- Antiseptic: delete or prevent the growth of bacteria or viruses

- Antiviral: a molecule intended to act against the proliferation of a virus and to reduce the number


minilogo.pngFragrance, scent:

Top Note: Fresh, minty

Heart notes: Mild Mint, nonaggressive, sweet spices

minilogo.pngBiochemistry Main:

- 1.8 cineole

- Alpha pinene

- Limonene

minilogo.pngOther information :

  • Part of the plantusedLeaves
  • Country or the plant is grown:India
  • Extraction Process:Distillation complete to water vapor


I never swallow

Use diluted in massage

No special precaution in air


minilogo.pngAn idea synergy? :

Against rheumatism, call based massage oil of:

  • 10 drops of lying Wintergreen
  • 10 drops of Ajowan
  • 15 drops of Eucalyptus
  • 15 drops of Lavender
  • 30 drops of vegetable oil arnica

and apply in massage.