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Organic Palmarosa essential oil - Cymbopogon Martinii var motia

Palmarosa essential oil Bio Organic 10 ml - Cymbopogon Martinii var motia


With powerful anti-bacterial and antiviral properties, this oil is perfect for treating sinusitis or ear infections. It is also antifungal, healing and calm pain. Its aphrodisiac and hydrating sides are also noteworthy.



minilogo.png Other known name:

Turkeys Geranium

minilogo.png Botanical name:

Cymbopogon Martinii var. motia

minilogo.png Pathologies concerned:

This essential oil is effective in the following cases:

- Synusitis, otitis, nasopharyngitis

- Wounds, scratched buttons, eczema, bedsores for its healing side and antibacterial

- Cellulite, softening of the skin

- The problems of cystitis

- The crevasses

- Excessive sweating

- Lower attention, difficulties to think about

- Lower morale, loneliness

- Increase peliculles

- Light acne

- Light overall fatigue

minilogo.png Properties concerned:

- Analgesic: Calms the pain

- Anti viral: M olecule disrupting the replication cycle of one or more viruses

- Anti bacterial: kills bacteria and prevents their proliferation

- Antifungal: To fight against fungi, also called fungal infections

- Brain Tonic and Nervous System: Stimulates the Abilities and Reaction of the Nervous System

- Positive, anti stress: Struggle against stress, and by derivation anxiety. 

- Astringent: Has the ability to contract mucous membranes or constrict living tissue

- Purifying: Purifies the skin of general impurities

- Aphrodisiac: Brings stimulation of sexual desire 

- Stimulating uterine: Promotes contractions and childbirth


minilogo.png Fragrance, perfume:

Top note: slightly flowery, fresh

Heart note: subtle and complex

minilogo.png Main Biochemistry:

  •  geraniol
  • geranyl acetate
  • linalool
  • beta-caryophyllene

minilogo.png Other information :

  • Part of the plant used : Aerial
  • Country or plant is cultivated : India
  • Extraction process : Complete distillation by steam distillation
  • Precautions to take :
    • Do not use if you are allergic to the biochemicals mentioned above 
    • Do not use in pregnant women or while breastfeeding
    • Do not use on children under 6 years