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essential oil Ecocertifiable Sandalwood - Amyris Balsamifer

essential oil Ecocertifiable Sandalwood - Amyris Balsamifer


Dedicated to relaxation and the search for well-being, the essential oil of Sandalwood is also called Amyris Oil. It acts as a cardiac tone, soothes anxieties and helps to positivate.




minilogo.png Botanical name:

Amyris Balsamifer

minilogo.png Pathologies concerned:

This essential oil is effective in the following cases:

- Fatigue transient

- Circulation problem

- Searching for meditation

- Moderate stress

- Perfume creation

- Varicose veins and hemorrhoids

minilogo.png Properties concerned:

The properties of the essential oil of Sandalwood are as follows

- Relaxing: Calm and soothes, helps to relax

- Positivante: Combat black ideas

- Tonic: Gives psychic energy

- Draining Lymphatic: Help with circulation and good health of venous walls

minilogo.png Fragrance, perfume:

Top note: Woody

Heart note: Woody, sweet, leather note

minilogo.png Main Biochemistry:

  • valérianol
  • 7-epi-alpha-eudesmol
  • elemol
  • 10-epi-gamma-eudesmol
  • gamma-eudesmol

minilogo.png Other information :

The essential oil of sandalwood is very thick. We change the traditional cap free of charge with a special stopper for dense oil on the bottle. (This cap does not have a safety ring. No need to contact us, it's not an error)
  • Part of the plant used : Wood
  • Country in which the crop is grown : Haiti
  • Extraction process : Complete distillation by steam distillation
  • Precautions to take :
    • Do not use in pregnant women under 6 months
    • Test first on a small part of the body to check your tolerance