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essential oil Thyme Saturoides Bio - Thymus Satureioide

essential oil Thyme Saturoides Bio 10ml - Thymus Satureioide


The essential oil of thyme saturates is used as fortifying, stimulating immune defenses. The essential oil of saturated thyme is antibacterial and antiparasitic. It is a powerful essential oil.



minilogo.png Botanical name:

Thymus Satureioides

minilogo.png Pathologies concerned:

This essential oil is effective in the following cases:

- Rheumatism

- Osteoarthritis

- Urinary tract infections

- Wounds cuts

- Acne

- Respiratory infections

minilogo.png Properties concerned:

- Anti bacterial: kills bacteria and prevents their proliferation

- Immuno-enhancer: Increases the body's natural immune defenses

- Anti parasite: Removes certain types of parasites (According to the composition of the essential oil)

minilogo.png Fragrance, perfume:

Top note: Typical thyme

Heart note: Fresh, thyme

minilogo.png Main Biochemistry:

  • borneol
  • alpha terpineol
  • carvacrol
  • thymol
  • camphene

minilogo.png Other information :

  • Part of the plant used : aerial parts
  • Country or plant is cultivated : Morocco
  • Extraction process : Complete distillation by steam distillation
  • Precautions to take :
    • Very disadvised in pregnant women
    • Very disadvised in children
    • Not recommended internally
    • Always use extremely diluted
    • Do not try to overdose - Use at low dose
    • Test first on a small part of the body to check your tolerance