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Essential Oil Diffuser VELA - Ultrasonic


The diffuser of essential oils Vela is design, efficient, and economical. With its unique look and latest generation ultrasonic technology, the air diffusion of your essential oils is incredibly simple. Its capacity allows a very important diffusion duration. A must have.



Ultrasonic Technology

minilogo.png Diffusion technology:

Ultrasound not audible by humans or animals

minilogo.png Use :

Fill the water tank, add a few drops of essential oils, and turn on the device. 

minilogo.png Designation:

This diffuser of essential oils is one of the most simple diffusers to use but also among the most powerful. It allows a regulation of the humidity of the air while bringing the benefits of the essential oils which you will have chosen. 

The Vela diffuser is undoubtedly one of the devices we recommend for our essential oils. It's a safe value. 

Note that the glass tube is available as a spare part, useful in case of breakage! 

Designed for maximum efficiency on an area of 60 m2, it also allows a smelling power over 70 m2. 

minilogo.png Characteristics :

- Voltage: 220V

- Power supply: Wired with remote control

- Materials: Glass and metal

- Method of diffusion: Ultrasonic

- Content in diffusion: Water + essential oils

- Maximum room size: 60 m2

- Capacity of the tank: 110 ml