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copy of Soft heat diffuser Calorya N2 for essential oils


The gentle heat is regulated on a specific temperature to maintain the properties of essential oils despite its warming. Original and chic creation for an aroma diffuser using soft heat technology for your essential oils.  A secure way to broadcast 'old fashioned'.



Technology Self-regulated soft heat

minilogo.png Diffusion technology:

Gentle heat 

minilogo.png Use :

Essential oil pure or mixed with a neutral oil / Block of scent to melt

minilogo.png Designation:

The diffuser CALORYA N2 is an electric diffuser of essential oils using a technology called 'soft heat'. This technology uses a heating temperature ideally calculated not to cancel the effects of the active molecules, while using a way of diffusing the old way. 

It's a bit of a meeting between good old methods and ultramodern technology. 

The design of this diffuser is resolutely chic with its volutes engraved in ceramics. 

Is not it beautiful? 

minilogo.png Characteristics :

- Voltage: 220V

- Food: Wired

- Materials: Ceramics

- Diffusion method: Regulated heat

- Content in diffusion: Water + essential oils or Oil + essential oils or block of wax with perfume

- Maximum room size: 20 to 25 m2 approximately

- Height: 15 cm