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Essential Oil Diffuser Dubai Ultrasonic - Design and Powerful


This diffuser of essential oils Dubai is powerful and powerful. Its compact size allows it to slip everywhere, with style. Cold diffusion allows optimal efficiency and total preservation of the properties of essential oils.



Ultrasonic Technology

minilogo.pngDiffusion technology:

Ultrasound not audible by humans or animals

minilogo.png Use :

Use a mixture of water associated with a few drops of your essential oils

minilogo.png Designation:

The diffuser of essential oils Dubai hides in its look of a well-known tower, sufficient power to diffuser all your essential oils without any difficulty.
Simple to use, just fill the inner tank by lifting the top of the tower, then slide a few drops of essential oil and more !.
It has 3 modes of operation:
- Diffusion with light variant
- Diffusion with fixed color
- Alternate circulation

minilogo.png Characteristics :

- Voltage: 220V

- Power supply: Wired with remote control

- Materials: Glass and metal

- Method of diffusion: Ultrasonic

- Content in diffusion: Water + essential oils

- Maximum room size: 60 m2

- Capacity of the tank: 120 ml