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You can find out about essential oils-France-that all oils are not the same denomination. Some are rated Bio, other eco, and yet another ... Nothing.

Here is a quick explanation of the differences between these terms:


A conventional essential oil is manufactured with a plant or a plant part grown in a standard manner. No special precautions, the plant comes from Mr. Field everyone. The quality is to go, of course, since the production of the essential oil is the same and with such requirement, but it is neither organic nor eco-certifiable. A classic oil generally has no specific title in its name.


An eco-certifiable essential oil is an oil that has been made with a plant or plant part in organic farming, and took advantage of all its benefits but has not been certified by a body. It was in a bottle or storage prior to certification. It is called "eco-certifiable" because nothing would prevent it certified, except that it would lose the enormous advantage of its price :)

In summary this is an oil of the highest quality, yet economical.


An Bio essential oil is as its name suggests, made with plants from organic farming. This oil is certified as having had no contact with a chemical or pesticide.

Our essential oils are certified under the license nr CEEB1401801fr