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Do you have a question about aromatherapy or essential oils? A question about your order? Easy !

We have set up a new simple and effective system to contact us quickly: The dedicated SMS line

Send us an SMS text message to 0 666 51 74 25 (+33 666 51 74 25 for Europe) and ask us your question. We will respond within 30 minutes on average.

The conventional means of contact are today beset by commercial calls or advertising agencies that are detrimental to the proper functioning of a customer service.

With this new means of contact, our team is totally available to our customers. In addition, the SMS conversation makes it possible to have a more complete follow-up of your request and thus makes it possible to bring more precise answers.

Compliant with RGPD, conversation tracking is destroyed after a few days, and can be destroyed immediately upon request.

CONTACT US by SMS with your smartphone *: 0 666 51 74 25

(+33 666 51 74 25 for Europe)

(*: sms classic included according to your package, no additional charges are levied. For Europe, use classic SMS and international billing or not depending on your mobile subscription)